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Ali D. Hopson

Production, Photography, & Locations 


Ali comes from a family of media professionals, photographers, and activists.  She  has been writing, filming and snapping photos since she was a child. Having never lost the creative bug, she left her career in social services and politics and has made a career out of creating art and has never looked back.

Hopson strives to create beautiful, enduring imagery, but does not shy away from investigating the powerful and potentially disturbing elements often inherent in creative presentations. Hopson is a fervent believer in the power of art to transform lives and enrich communities for the better.  Currently, she is using her talents to scout out projects to apply her creative ideas through Cut & Deliver, a production and idea incubation program.
A.D. Hopson specializes in allocating resources, storytelling through media, and film, in a plethora of creative production environments, expertly negotiating and structuring mutually advantageous deals for optimal completion. A.D. Hopson and MAWU Photography Media are dedicated to working with unsurpassed professionalism and creativity.

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AWARDs, articles & interviews                                                                                                       


tony scalzo fast ball 2.jpg

2012  RAWards Semi-Finals Austin, TX

2011   FLIGHT PATH "Interview: Tony Scalzo of Fastball" (Photo Credit)

2016-2020  City of Austin Cultural Arts Grant/ Texas Commission for the Arts 

2018-2019  City of Austin People's Gallery

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