Raw Artist finalist for photography Austin, TX 2012

2013-2014 City of Austin Cultural Arts Division/ Texas Commission for the Arts grant recipient 


behind the lenses

Graphic design

Musician albums covers

EPKs/Press packet Art

Portraits/ Pin-ups/ Fine Art

Political Events



Agency booking assistant 

video/ editing/ Photography 

Dance Teacher Magazine.

work history 

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A.D. Hopson has performed in theater productions and has been featured in a variety of local music video and dance shows. Originally concentrating on her passion for photography, Hopson extended "Mawu's" reach into the realm of short films, music video, promotional media, and documentaries.  Hopson strives to create beautiful, enduring imagery, but does not shy away from investigating the powerful and potentially disturbing elements often inherent in creative presentations. Hopson is a fervent believer in the power of art to transform lives and enrich communities for the better.

A.D. Hopson specializes in allocating human resources, day playing, grip work, and film production, in a plethora of creative production environments, expertly negotiating and structuring mutually advantageous deals for optimal completion. A.D. Hopson and Mawu Photography + Media are dedicated to working with unsurpassed professionalism and creativity.


Director of Photography

Key Grip/ PA

Camera Operator

Music Videos

Location Scout

Shorts/ Projects/ Films


Weddings/ Family Events

Art/  Gallery shows


Concept help/ Ideals

Resource Help

Line production 



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Pathway to Freedom is a new media project that is displayed at the Martin Luther King Civic Center in Dallas till March 5, 2015.  It also includes an historic exhibit of over 70 artifacts and art pieces made by students for students to learn about history.  Back for Season 2 of ONYX a click  here for more a sneak peak.  Thanks for a great season.  That's a wrap.  Join me, cast, and crew for the Z End Zeitgeist Festival with Chicken Ranch Records and other names to come.  Check out the Starlings new  music video Burnt Ends.  Trailer coming soon with music from those amazing TN boys.

Current Projects

So it's Just the begin for MAWU Photography Media.  We are currently in pre-production with a  historical fiction piece.  Thanks to LUPE Arte with help with community resources, and showing us how to make a better community through education, film, and art.
Get Z-End news here.  Get behind the scene news on the making of MAWU 's collaborative movie project with many talented artist Da'Shade Moonbeam.  The short film "GO" is more than just an action film.  It's a love story.

Production/ Events